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We sell SEO products for linkbuilding on Digital Media sites and blogs.



High-quality Backlinks 14.000+ backlink-sources from 10+ countries. Filter by your needs by language, search metrics (Moz, Majestic, SEMrush) and price. Links in Articles on Digital News, Magazines and Blogs.

Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions

Unlinked Mentions for Branding Being mentioned on leading digital news and magazines. Articles about your brand or product. Articles on Google News. Perfect for market introductions or image campaigns.

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Media Coverage

Maximum Media Outreach & Press Releases Publish articles about your idea, brand or product on leading news sites and magazines all over the world. Become the press and inform the world.

Forum Backlink Packages

Forum Backlinks by Influencers Being mentioned and linked in leading forums in your sector means high lead traffic and quick ranking surges on Google. We offer forum links in English and German language.


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How it works

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Use our platform to filter for markets or countries you want to buy media articles or blog posts from. Then add the backlink or brand-mention you want in that article.
After booking, we will start with the writing and publishing process immediately.
As soon as the article gets live, we will send you an email.

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    Choose a medium to publish on

    In our booking section you can select a variety of targeting & traffic filters to find the most suitable digital news sites, blogs or magazines to publish on.

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    Ad Your Data

    Now you can add your website, as well as the desired anchor-text you want the URL in. For unlinked mentions, you can simply add the mention text.

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    Publishing Process

    After the booking is completed, along with the desired backlinks and/or brand-mentions, we immediately start writing. After the final draft of the article is approved by you, we proceed to publish it. That usually happens within 10-14 days.

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    Article is Published

    Your article is published now. You can expect for organic SEO-rankings to increase, your product awareness to raise. For additional SEO-impact, you can also share it on Social Media.

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Why working with us?

There are so many SEO partners out there. Why exactly us?

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You are in control of every stage of the booking, from choosing the websites to publish until seeing it live. All of it with no risk involved, as we offer a 100% a money-back guarantee for each booking.

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The Brand-Mention platform allows you to have all your backlinks from all sources checked daily and for free. This way, if any of your backlinks has a problem, you’re the one who knows first.

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In order to save your time the support always allows you to reach out for our assistance. We’re glad to give a helping hand, tailored to your business and the targeted audience.

Speak to former Google employees to understand SEO better!

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