Statistics on Google Trends show that Blogger Outreach is still a growing topic in the world of Digital Marketing. More and more large enterprises, also those who have been established for decades, start to see a benefit of strengthening their brand, products and traffic by setting up a blogger outreach programm. Only few are aware that successful outreach marketing is not just spending money to get things done, but to have a smart, customer-oriented blogger outreach strategy in place. Powerful strategies are mostly connected to great content and a focus to communicating strategy process and goals internally and with agencies or bloggers. For every company or product a blogger outreach campaign might look different, but it should always answer the question „What creates the maximum value to users and customers“. Just writing articles about how great a company or product is could be misleading and sometimes even dangerous for your SEO rankings. In order to see the advantages of Blogger Outreach, we summed up a nine most important advantages in more detail:

1. Branding: Blogger Outreach is like Online Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Everybody knows how important word-of-mouth marketing is for the brand awareness of a company or a product. Since decades marketing experts try to influence the opinion people have about a brand and directly target influencers to talk about their brand in a positive way.

Often Blogger Outreach Marketing is like seeing a lead actor in a movie drinking a Coca-Cola: the audience is consciously or subconsciously influenced with a positive mental image of a product. Online this works in the same way: Well-read blogs offer valuable, high-quality content to their audience and highlight the advantages of a certain brand or new product.

Beside Blogger Outreach as a branding tool, there is also the possibility of Blog Advertising. Blog Advertising is a more direct way of generating traffic and sales on your own websites, driven by ads on relevant blogs. Here it’s important to track direct and if possible indirect sales that are generated by ads on certain blogs. Those ads need to be located on the blog homepage or subpages with high traffic volumes.

2. Introduce a new Website or Product to the Internet Community

Blogger Outreach is one of the most effective ways to introduce a new website or product to the online community. It can be used as an addition to TV campaigns or other offline advertising campaigns.

When introducing a new product, companies have the chance to conduct a Product Testing Campaign as part of their blogger outreach programm. For Product Testing Campaigns a physical product will be send out to a set of bloggers who can use and test the product for a couple of days or weeks. When having a sufficient picture of the product and it’s functions, blogger will start writing a test report article about the product. The content and corner pillars can be discussed beforehand and adjusted to the principles of the blog. Seeing other end customers (product testers) using the product and giving insight on advantages and ways to use, will ease users to give it a try, too. This doesn’t only count for online products: people who heard about a new soft drink online will also remember it when coming across it in a grocery store.

3. Get Valuable Feedback on new Products

Another great chance of Blogger Outreach Marketing is the valuable feedback you can get for your newly introduced product or service. In a normal Blog Marketing or in a Product Testing campaign influencers will use your product in different styles or ways, might have new usage ideas or might use different ways of decribing it than you do. All this is highly valuable feedback from people who usually have a large impact on others opinion and purchase decisions. When you use their feedback to do the fine tuning on your product and marketing to really make them love the product, this will be the start of something big. You might also get feedback to rethink you’re product, market or target group by the given feedback and have much information in place to make your product or service finally great!

4. Get a heavy SEO Ranking Boost

One of the major advantages of a Blogger Outreach campaign is the influence it has on your offpage SEO. As backlinks are still one of the two most important ranking factors, this will have a powerful impact on your SEO rankings. No matter if you want to change the public opinion on an exisiting brand, drive awareness of a new website or product, share important news and PR content or support a current offline or Social Media campaign: Blog Marketing can boost your rankings with Google and other search engines.

In order to give companies and bloggers the chance of conducting those campaigns without having any problems with penalties in the future, Google introduced nofollow links a couple of years ago. Those links are admittedly taken into account fort he Google ranking algorithm, but not as such strong indicators as normal follow backlinks. With nofollow links your campaign is 100% safe from any manual action from Google, but the impact on your rankings would be very limited. We suggest to always have a certain number of external backlinks set as nofollow (Google suggests roundabout 20-25%), but try to have strong backlinks set as follow.

To gain a maximum ranking increase we suggest to look into certain search metrics like MOZ Domain Authority and Page Authority, which is a good indication of how well blogs are linked themselves, Majestic Trust Flow which indicates the quality and trustfulness of blogs own backlinks and SEMrush values, which give an estimation of organic traffic that is pushed to the blogs. Altogether they will give you a great idea if this blog is the right pick for your SEO or not. Also make sure that your desired blog is indexed by Google and doesn’t have to much spam and advertisement on major pages.

5. Save Money in long-term

Blogger Outreach campaigns can be a lot of effort in the beginning for setting up a strategy, communicating with agencies or bloggers directly, generating or checking content and monitoring the results. But when finished, those articles will be usually kept on the blog fort he time to come. Backlinks will positively impact ranking results, which again gives you absolutely free direct and indirect traffic and revenue. Our experience shows that correctly implemented Blogger Outreach strategies are a success at least 90% of the time. Check first that you don’t overpay and use strong blogs to implement your strategy, discuss the duration of an article remaining online beforehand (forever is best!) and find a way to monitor that. All that in place, you could amortize the cost and time over a length of years, while most campaigns are break even in 8-10 month.

6. Stay in Touch with topic-related Influencers

Connecting and staying in touch with certain influencers is especially important for niche markets, where the number of competitors and bloggers is limited. Usually the market leader has the strongest relation to high-profile influencers that are absolute experts within that niche themselves and having a great external overview over the market and its players.

Those bloggers or experts can be able to give you valuable tipps on your marketing strategies and new products. They can also act as an alarming instance for negative developments in your corporation and brand awareness or important market changes.

Companies who have bloggers, influencers, experts or frequent users very close when it comes to strategy and product inventions usually have a great advantage from competition, simply because their decision suit customers better.

7. Cross the Chasm: Reach Your Critical Mass

Crossing the chasm by Blogger Outreach campaigns is especially interesting for newly introduced products, brands or websites.

New products need the backing of first movers – influencers that are ready to test something to it’s core and tell their friends and community about it. If the opinion they share is highly positive, others are ready to buy the product, too. Often a number of people even like the product a lot, but the user base can’t grow fast enough to reach the next level. This is Crossing the Chasm, when lead by first moving influencers the next level of growth in product or brand awareness is reached.

Now imagine to have the leading bloggers of you niche on your side, talking about you in a very appealing and positive way. This gives your product awareness a great momentum and buzz. Enforced by Social Media Outreach this can mean to reach the next level of popularity and sales for your product, website or brand.

8. Drives Sales through relevant Traffic

Blog Marketing is not an advertising method in the first place. Fort hat, blog advertising would be more appropriate. However, when valuable information is shared on relevant blogs, amazing things are possible. When successfully published at the right place, visible and read by your target audience, absolutely free high-lead traffic will be guided to your website or shop. And if the blogger did a good job on explaining your product, traffic will be converting very well, too.

Experience shows that this outcome is achieved by many companies who put at least some time and money into Blogger Outreach campaigns. When certain key parameters were taken into account, direct high-lead traffic was gained from the built up blog posts. Sometimes customers were able to increase their customer base by about 20% per year over a period of 2-3 years, and this only by one particular blog article linking to their website.

Driving direct sales and relevant traffic from blog posts is a great possibility of Blogger Outreach campaigns. Though we see it as an additonal effect of other advantages, since it’s usually not planable and depending on many factors that are sometimes difficult to estimate.

9. Reach the World

Blogs are well read resources of knowledge and exclusive information throughout the whole globe. Instead of targeting a certain market or language setup, you can reach a variety of people from all kinds of countries. You’re product might be needed for markets you wanted to target much later on. International businessmen that learned about your product from a guest post could get in touch and become a big customer, since they see a huge opportunity of selling your product in their country or market of expertise.

We can help you finding and booking the right sources in many different markets throughout Europe, North America and South America. Our partners are ready to help for blogs in Asia, Australia and even Africa. If you think about implementing a new Blogger Outreach Campaign, feel free to get in touch with us and get a first impression of what’s possible in this field.

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