What is Influencer Marketing?

For most marketing managers Influencer Marketing is mostly an important buzzword these days, that needs to be taken into account in their strategies. But what is Influencer regarding the value it is able to generate for their companies and customers? How can the truth about that be used to play the Influencer Marketing at best?

First of all, there are certain principles and rules for the success of influencer marketing, but no simple strategy that is a one-for-all solution. Influencer Marketing must always be individually applied in a certain campaign for customers needs and emotions.

So what is Influencer Marketing? Imagine hanging out with your friends and family, the people you trust most. You’re currently thinking about buying a home entertainment device and ask your friend that usually knows best about these kind of devices. He also just recently bought one for himself and talks about it in the best possible way. He explains all the great advantages, how you can use it and where you can buy it. This exactly is Influencer Marketing: Hearing the opinion of somebody about a brand, product or service that you trust in regarding a certain topic.

In TV advertising the same thing happens. You would mostly see people that the audience trusts in for a particular product advertising it, often celebrities that people already know and trust in since a while. The exact same thing happens in another context now online. Many words exist for this like mouth marketing, media influencers marketing, powered gravity, thought leader marketing, influencer relations, product testing reviews, social influencers etc etc…

Why working with Social Media Influencers?

Most influencer marketing campaigns are related to influencers in Social Media or on blogs. In channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Google + a lot of influencer already established a huge follower-base that watch their Vlogs or other videos, posts and infographics, read their texts and click their link suggestions.

Being supported as a brand by these opinion makers means better brand awareness, popularity, buzz, leads, sales and revenue. Period.

Social Media Influencers have the ability to keep your brand alive in their world, a world that is about to become bigger than any other world in marketing, screenplay, advertising, information, lifestyle and basically whatever you want to call it. The earlier your brand professionalizes in Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing, the more you will profit by it in the future. The right things needs to be done, which is equal to serving the customers best.

What could your Influencer Campaign look like?

It depends on the topic or sector and on your budget. Some of the best international influencer campaigns in recent years were maybe those by Turkish Airlines. For example the one with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi, but also very emotional videos with interesting locals of amazing travel destinations.

You should certainly have some valuable, highly informative content about your products and services on your website. The landing pages should be individually designed for a certain kind of online clientele approaching your website. This way the incoming traffic will convert much better. Having this in place, you could find the Social Media channel influencers or Blog Influencers that fit your product and brand best. Pick the one who is usually followed most by your target group and customers.

You can give responsibility for the content to the bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers or Instagramers for sure, some of them even demand it, but preparing amazing content like videos, images, infographics, rockstar-texts, music or riddles you can help making your Influencer Marketing campaign a big success!

What is the process of Influencer Marketing?

  1. Know your online target audience

  2. Make your website ready for incoming traffic with individual landingpages

  3. Create a plan how to reach your target group best.

  4. Find out where your target group spends time online

  5. Find out which influencers are followed by your target group

  6. Create an angle to reach your target group over a certain influencer

From there on the influencer need to be contacted, payments need to be handled, the correct publishing must be monitored and influencer relationships must be maintained. As we are a professional service provider in this field, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us an start your individual Influencer Marketing campaign.

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